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New snapshot (20100325) with jQuery/Zend upgrades.

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This latest snapshot is a big update, with a refresh to the latest jQuery (1.4.2) and jQuery UI (1.8rc3) libraries, as well as the latest Zend Framework and associated libraries (1.10.2).
There are still a few outstanding styling issues to be resolved, as the CSS associated with the jQuery UI needed to be updated along with the new 1.8rc3 version.  However, this should bring some performance improvements through the latest jQuery improvements.
The Zend update appears to have no negative impact.
BIG NOTE: Users of PostgreSQL 8.4 may experience problems in some environments with queries crashing the backend.  This should be resolved with the PostGIS 1.5.2 release (and maybe 1.4.3?).  See, and the discussion linked from there for details.
If you're experimenting with MapChat, go ahead and update your code from the 20100325 snapshot on the downloads page.
Report any issues to the discussion forums.