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New snapshot (20100407) with a query performance fix and some setup improvements

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The latest snapshot (20100407) has been posted.  In includes a measure for disabling the enable_nestloop option in PostgreSQL when performing some queries.  It has been found that the query planner is using nest loops in some instances/environments when querying a discussion history...resulting in responses taking 15 seconds or more.  Disabling the nestloop feature fixes this - presumably the query planner is not estimating costs appropriately in this case (the discovery of this issue largely comes from the analysis done after resolving the previous PostGIS bug that was revealed by the same query).
In addition to this fix, the setup process has been improved to allow the database user specified in the library/config.php file to be a non-privileged user.  A superuser (usually 'postgres') must still be specified in order to initially create the database.  However, ownership of the database and its tables are subsequently assigned to the user specified in config.php.  This should help allow admins to lock things down, for those that are conscious of security.
As usual, check out the download page to get access to the code.