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MapChat 2.0.0beta2 now available.

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The MapChat source code releases for Version 2 is now going to start using beta numbering. This is largely because most of the latest changes have been focused on fixes and performance improvements, and helps with planning of future development.  The first beta was not technically released, because it was the same as the last snapshot that was posted.  This second beta includes a couple minor fixes that should help ensure functionality if the application is installed in a Windows environment.  It also includes a fix to the MapChat function for dynamically loading scripts - each script was being loaded twice, because jQuery's AJAX API was detecting and automatically loading JavaScript code as it was retrieved.  This didn't break any functionality, but likely resulted in reduced performance.  The new LoadScript function in MapChat now takes advantage of jQuery's functionality, reducing a bit of code and complexity.
Version 2.0.0beta2 can now be found on the download page.
Along with this release, you will note that there are now links to the project trac/wiki, and to a discussion group on Google Groups.  These may be useful resources for anyone interested in using the software.